The chill is on this morning, but warmer weather is on the way. The only thing I can say is do not get used to it. It will be a roller coaster ride of showers and dry weather as well as warm and chilly conditions over the next seven days.

Clouds rolled in overnight with upper winds from the southwest and surface winds from the north. Morning low temperatures so far have been from near freezing in the northern ArkLaTex to the low 40s South. Coming up over the next seven days will be a series of disturbances that will bring showers and warmer temperatures followed by a brief morning chill by Monday. In the meantime, there will be slight chances of showers through the weekend before sunshine on Sunday.

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High temperatures today will be in the mid to upper 50s after lows ranging through the 30s. Lows tonight will be in the mid to upper 30s north to low 40s south. We may see a few showers. It will be almost the same for Saturday and Sunday. Another burst of cold air arrives Sunday night with a brief chill that will be near freezing Monday morning with dry weather.

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By Monday night a very strong system makes a move on the ArkLaTex with a good chance of showers area-wide and a chance of a wintry mix of precipitation Wednesday along the I-30 Corridor and northward. The remainder of the 7-Day Forecast will find a warming trend with only a slight chance of showers. The next decent chance of rain along with much warmer temperatures will arrive by the following weekend.

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