We are still dealing with a stalled front just south of the Arklatex. It produced clouds and a few showers across the area today. The coolest temperatures were once again across the northern parts of the ArkLaTex with much warmer temperatures in the southern areas. Highs ranged from 50s north to 70s south. Fog will be a possibility again tonight into Sunday morning with lows in the 40s north and 50s south. However, warm air surges northward during the day Sunday allowing afternoon high temperatures to wind up either side of 80°.

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With plenty of warmth and moisture, a major disturbance in the mid-to-upper levels and attendant surface cold front will begin its trek through our area overnight into early Monday with a good chance of showers. Any threat of severe weather will be northwest of the Arklatex. However, our southerly winds will be from 20 to 30+ mph. Wind gusts could be 40 to 45+ mph Sunday night into Monday morning. Monday morning low temperatures will be either side of 60° followed by highs ranging through the 70s. The aforementioned cold front will stall to our south and may return north as a warm front. Does that sound familiar? Morning low temperatures will be in the 40s Tuesday and in the 60s Wednesday. Afternoon highs will be either side of 80° Tuesday. By late Wednesday night, a true cold front will begin a slow trek through the ArkLaTex. Rain will be found Wednesday and Wednesday night with thunderstorms prevalent Thursday. Rain will be found overnight with a mostly sunny Friday. This system will have to be monitored for possible severe weather and heavy rainfall.

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The chilliest day in your 7 Day Forecast will be Friday with highs in the 50s followed by Saturday lows either side of 40°. Welcome back to winter! I think, by now, we all know that Mother Nature is FICKLE!

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