It appears that our experience with summer heat is about to end.  A strong cold front will move through the ArkLaTex Wednesday night and Thursday.  This front will not only bring rain but will bring a significant drop in temperatures by the weekend.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

Two more days of heat:  Temperatures Monday across much of the ArkLaTex returned to the 90s.  It appears that we will see one, maybe two more days of such heat.  Temperatures Tuesday will begin in the low to middle 60s and they will likely return to the 80s over the northern part of the area and the low to middle 90s over the south. We will likely see slightly cooler temperatures on Wednesday with lows in the 60s and 70s and highs mainly in 80s and low 90s.  Much cooler air will then begin to invade the area.  

Current Futurecast Loop

Dry weather continues:   Futurecast shows that we will likely see the dry weather continue on Tuesday and most of Wednesday.  Expect a clear to partly cloudy sky over the area Monday night.  We will see a mix of lots of sunshine and a few clouds on Tuesday and a partly cloudy sky on Tuesday night.  You will probably begin to notice the humidity once again on Wednesday.  This increase in moisture will lead to more clouds.  We will have a small chance of rain late Wednesday mainly over the western half of the area. 

Cold front to bring rain? You have probably heard about the cold front that is on the way Wednesday night and Thursday and the cooler temperatures it will bring.  More on those temperatures later.  This front will also have the potential to bring lots of rain.  As of right now, it appears that the severe weather risk will be rather low. The blend of models shows that rainfall potential from now through Friday will be highest over the northwestern half of the area.  This part of the ArkLaTex will likely receive anywhere from two to over four inches of rain.  Amounts will likely be much lighter over the southeast half of the area where totals will probably stay below 1”.  There is a slight chance that amounts could be higher.  The blend’s ‘worst case scenario shows amounts of 4-6” over the northwest half of the area and 2-3” over the southeast.  Again, it’s doubtful that rain totals will reach these levels but they cannot totally be ruled out.   

Finally, a taste of fall!  It is now looking likely that we will easily see the coolest air of the season so far settle into the ArkLaTex by this weekend. Most of the area will dip into the 50s Friday night.    Overnight lows will then likely dip into the upper 40s to lower 50s over most of the area on Saturday and Sunday nights.  The last time Shreveport experienced temperatures in the 50s was back on May 22.  Daytime highs this weekend will be quite pleasant in the low to middle 70s.  A warming trend will occur next week. Highs will gradually warm to the low to middle 80s.  Lows will gradually warm into the upper 50s to lower 60s.  Enjoy!!!

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