January 01 2024 12:00 am

Highland Park Elementary-Hubbard wins 2020 Weathernator Trophy!

A team from Highland Park wins for 2nd year in a row!

2020 Weathernator Forecasting Contest

2020 Final Standings
1Highland Park 4th Hubbard6.79
2New Boston Middle 17.27
3Highland Park 5th Sparks7.33
4New Boston Middle 37.47
5Westlawn Kjones N7.47
6New Boston Middle 47.53
7Fairfield Elem-Williams7.87
8N. Desoto-Harper7.93
9Fairfield Elem-Kliebert8.07
10Westlawn Kjones J8.07
11St. James-7th/8th8.07
12N. Desoto-Pierce8.29
13New Boston Middle 28.40
14Highland Park 4th Krafft8.47
15St. James 5th8.73
16Westlawn Kjones K8.80
17St. James 6th9.13
18Fairfield Elem-Meerpohl9.33
19Highland Park 4th Phillips9.40
20Westlawn Mjones D10.29
21Westlawn Mjones M10.29
22N. Desoto-Harkins10.92
23Westlawn Mjones R11.21
24N. Desoto-Burford11.23
25Waggoner Creek A12.45
26Waggoner Creek B12.50
27Highland Park 5th Montiel12.53
28Highland Park 5th Mays12.87
29Waggoner Creek C13.00
30Waggoner Creek d13.09
31Spring Lake Park13.29

Nearly three dozen fourth to eighth-grade teams from schools across the ArkLaTex will be used this page during the month of February 2020 to create forecasts that predict the high and low temperatures as well as whether or not it will rain or snow. Week one of the competition we will see the future forecasters predict the weather in Shreveport. Forecasting in the second week will shift to Texarkana. During the final week of the contest, we forecasted for Sault Sainte Marie, MI.

Teams receive points for every degree they miss the temperature forecasts and five points if they miss the rain and snow forecasts. Their point total is divided by the number of days a forecast was submitted. Just like golf, the lowest score wins the coveted Weathernator Trophy! Scroll down to see the latest standings.

Day 15 Saturday Final Results: High 28 Low 3 Rain NO Snow NO The best forecasts came from four teams with 5 pts: St James Day School 6th, Westlawn-MjonesR, Highland Park-Sparks, and New Boston Middle #1.

Day 14 Friday Final Results: High 18 Low 15 Rain NO Snow YES (6.9″ a record for the day’s date) The best forecasts came from the Highland Park-Hubbard team with 6 points.

Day 13 Thursday Final Results: High 17 Low 6 Rain NO Snow YES The best forecast came from the Krafft team at Highland Park Elementary and the Williams team at Fairfield Elementary. Both had PERFECT forecasts!

Day 12 Wednesday Final Results: High 29 Low 14 Rain NO Snow NO The best forecasts came from the team at Spring Lake Park and the Hubbard team at Highland Park with 4 pts.

Day 11 Tuesday Final Results: High 36 Low 23 Rain? NO Snow? NO The best forecast came from the Sparks team at Highland Park Elementary with only 3 points. They jumped from 20th to 10th place!

Day 10 Saturday Final Results: High 57 Low 27 Rain? No Snow? No. Best Forecast came from the Highland Park -Krafft team with 2 points.

Day 9 Friday Final Results: High 48 Low 28 Rain? No Snow? No. FOUR teams had perfect forecasts: Westlawn-MjonesR, North Desoto-Pierce, North Desoto-Harper, & New Boston Middle #2. 31 OF 34 TEAMS MET GOAL OF 6 PTS OR LESS. THE 3 OTHERS HAD 7 PTS. BEST DAY OF THE CONTEST…GREAT JOB!!!

Day 8 Thursday Final Results: High 46 Low 32 (at midnight) Rain? No Snow? No PERFECT! forecasts from the Westlawn-Mjones D team and the North Desoto-Harper team. 25 of the 34 teams met the goal of six points or less. Great job!

Day 7 Wednesday Final Results: HIgh 48 Low 41 Rain? Yes (1.64″) Snow? No. Almost every team met the goal of 6 pts or less but 8 teams tied for the best forecast with only 1 point.

Day 6 Tuesday Final Results: High 51 Low 41 Rain? Yes (0.82″) Snow? No. Best Forecast from the Westlawn-Kjonesj team with ZERO points. Our first perfect forecast of the contest!

Day 5 Saturday Final Results: High 64 Low 36 Rain? No Snow? No Best Forecasts 3 pts from the Westlawn-KjonesJ and North Desoto-Pierce teams.

Day 4 Friday Final Results: High 66 Low 24 Rain? No Snow? No Best Forecast 11 pts from: St. James 7th/8th, Waggoner Creek D, Highland Park Sparks, North Desoto Harkins.

Day 3 Thursday Final Results: High 40 Low 27 (just before midnight) Rain? Yes (0.06″) Snow? No Best Forecast: St. James Day School 7th/8th Grade with 9 pts.

Day 2 Wednesday Final Results: High 51 Low 40 Rain? Yes (0.24) Snow? No Best Forecast: Fairfield Elementary-Meerpohl with 4 pts.

Day 1 Tuesday Final Results: High 77 Low 51 Rain? Yes (0.11) Snow: No Best Forecast: New Boston Middle School Team 2 with 2 pts.

Cloud Legend: CL=Clear, FW=Mostly Clear, SC=Partly Cloudy, BK=Mostly Cloudy & OV=Cloudy

Forecasting Contest Video Day 15