In Louisiana, there are thousands of miles of utility lines and gas pipelines buried just beneath the surface. So if you, or a contractor you hire is digging a hole to put in a new fence, a pool or a garden, you run the risk of hitting an underground line even by digging only a few inches.

Damage Prevention Coordinator, Jeff Morrison, is in the studio to talk about the importance of safe digging. When you hit one of these lines it can cause minor damage or injury, however. it can also cause something more serious like an explosion, or even death.

That’s why it is so important for everyone to dial 811 and call Louisiana 811 two days before they dig. You just tell the operator your address and someone will come out and mark the location of buried lines, so you and your contractor can avoid them.

It’s simple, it’s free and it’s the law. All excavators and demolishers are required to notify Louisiana 811 before they begin work. The law applies to individuals as well as contractors, municipalities and others. Failure to call can subject the excavator to fines and liability for damages to buried infrastructure.

For more information you can visit Louisiana 811 online and always call 811 before you dig.