LOGANSPORT, La (KMSS/KTAL) – Logansport Head Coach Kevin Magee and the Tigers are moving on from their 1A championship loss a season ago.

“How do you get up when you get beat in the last game? Let’s go back and do it again and finish like we want to,” said Magee.

That last game was the 1A championship against Homer. Logansport couldn’t overcome a 27-point first-quarter deficit, eventually falling to the Pelicans 41-28. Now, the Tigers view this season as…

“A redemption year,” said quarterback Kham Boykins.

“Ever since we made it to New Orleans, we’ve just been grinding,” said senior Jayven Claybrook. “We’ve been working hard. The whole team, we’re hungry. We want it again, and this time we want a better outcome.”

“Coach Magee [He] said, ‘It’s done. It’s over.’ He told the seniors, ‘I’m sorry it’s not the outcome y’all wanted and he said you guys coming up, you’ve got to get your team ready for next year. Y’all gotta be ready because we’re going right back,’” said senior Hayden Rolfe, regarding Coach Magee’s message following the Tigers’ championship loss.

So, what’s that key to getting back to the Superdome? Strength.

“We had to gain some weight; we had to gain some strength,” said Magee. “We’ve got a lot of young guys that are going to have to fill positions and play big roles and that requires bigger, faster, stronger.”

Despite the Tigers losing a couple of key receivers and their defensive line from a year ago, the newcomers are already making a big impact on Logansport.

“The young guys coming up honestly should be more athletic, and we should be better at those positions,” said Magee.

“I’m supposed to be a leader, right? But it’s the young guys out here wanting to be a leader too so they make me go even harder because they’re going hard,” added Claybrook.

One of the older guys returning is quarterback Kham Boykins, who racked up over 3,200 total yards and 43 touchdowns last season. But it’s not the stats that make him special. 

“Great attitude, never has a negative or bad thing to say,” said Magee. “Never has a bad look on his face. I think he’s matured more than I’ve seen from somebody from their junior to senior year.”

The Tigers have made it to the quarterfinals every year since 2015. This season, the expectations are higher than ever, and Coach Magee believes he has the team that can rise to them. 

“I was really, really satisfied with the way spring went,” said Magee. “This is my ninth year and that’s the first time I think I’ve said that. We’re going to be playing in December, and that’s always our goal. That’s always our focus. We’ve just got to learn to finish.”

“It’s been a hype mentality all year,” added Rolfe. “Going into the season we’re going to feel unbeatable.’”

Logansport’s first step towards getting back to the Dome comes Sept 3. when the Tigers open the season against Calvary.