DALLAS, Tx (KMMS/KTAL) – When you’re successful, people want a piece of that success. The Dallas Cowboys have the NFL’s top scoring offense and the defense finished first in takeaways. That success has drawn the interest of NFL teams trying to fill head coaching vacancies.

After having an historically bad defense in 2020, Dan Quinn has turned things around for Dallas. Four teams have already reached out to Dan Quinn about interviewing for their head coaching vacancies: the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Quinn has declined to interview for the Jacksonville job.

Meanwhile, on the offensive side, coordinator Kellen Moore is picking up interest, as well. The Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars have requested to interview Moore, while it’s believed Moore completed his interview with the Jaguars last Friday. Other teams are expected to show interest in Moore as teams fill in their vacant General Manager roles.

Yesterday, Dan Quinn addressed what it’s like having his name attached to head coaching jobs again. “There’s just simply nothing to report on on my end,” said Quinn. “When job changes happen and coaches are let go, it’s a difficult time for them, their families, the assistants, the team, everybody that goes into that. So listen, it’s nice to hear if someone is interested. That’s not lost on me. I had a difficult 2020 season that didn’t go so good. So there’s not a lot of time management or anything that has to go into mine other than just kicking ass and being right where my feet are.”

The Cowboys will host the 49ers this Sunday at 3:30 CST.