GLADEWATER, Tx (KMSS/KTAL) – Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo is known for a lot of things. Football, after quarterbacking America’s team for 14 seasons. Broadcasting, becoming one of the premier commentators in the sport since his retirement. On Wednesday, he looked to add golf to that list.

Romo, as well as a field of other golfers from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana Arkansas, and even Canada, all competed for a spot in the US Amateur which is scheduled for later this year in Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

Owner Joe Bruno says the attention Romo brings is a special moment for he and his staff.

“We’re honored to have Tony Romo here. That just says so much to me and I’m so proud,” said Bruno, of the course which has been open since only 2017. “We wanted to do something great, we wanted to do something beautiful, we wanted to do something professional, and I think a day like today demonstrates that we’ve succeeded on all points.”

Of those who qualify for the US amateur, two winners from that tournament will qualify for the Masters. Romo will not be one of them. The former NFL Pro-Bowler removed himself from competition in the second round, citing a back injury.