STONEWALL, La (KMSS/KTAL) – “Coach Dunn said, ‘Look, you’re the guy,’ and I was like, ‘Okay good.’”

That guy? Quarterback Luke Delafield who takes over the Griffins offense as just a freshman.

Coach Dunn really had enough faith to put me out there,” said Delafield. “I’ve always wanted to do that, so I competed my butt off everyday to get the spot and I earned it.”

“We’ve watched him in elementary and junior high come up, and we knew he was going to be something special,” said Griffins’ Head Coach Dennis Dunn. “Luke took all of the spring reps, had a great summer, and so we felt like we could make the move.”

With that move comes another, as Sam Odom goes back to his natural position.

“We had to move Sam Odom from receiver last year to quarterback in a move that we had to make for the best interest of our team, but we’re a better team with Sam at receiver,” said Dunn.

The duo already has  a pretty strong connection.

“They’re first cousins too, so I call one Sam and one Luke from time to time,” joked Dunn.

However, despite the familiarity, it’s important to remember Delafield is still a first-year starter.

“I’m nervous really,” said Delafield. “I’m just nervous.”

“He says that, but I could tell you when the ball is put down, he plays like he’s a veteran,” said Dunn.

He’ll be playing around a lot of veterans who in their senior season look to lead North Desoto past the second round for the first time in their careers.

“We didn’t finish like we wanted to do last year,” said senior wide receiver Sam Odom. “Yes, we did start 0-4 and came back all the way, but we didn’t finish where we wanted to.”

“Our key to finishing is actually starting off well because the past three years we’ve started 0-4,” added safety Hunter Addison. “So I think if we start off rolling, then it’d be easier to finish rolling.”

“We’ve got a lot of starters back so hopefully they’ve learned they have to play four quarters, and hopefully that’ll pay off for us,” said Dunn. “That has been our emphasis all of offseason, is playing for four quarters.”

The first four quarters are what the freshman is looking forward to. 

There isn’t anything better than the Friday Night lights,” smiled Delafield. “Well, actually, Thursday night lights. It’ll be September 1, but I think it’s going to be awesome.”

As for the vets, they have a different game they’re looking forward to.

“Northwood,” said Addison. “Everybody has Northwood. Everybody has Northwood circled on their calendar. We’re ready. We want to play them.”

After the Falcons took both meetings last season, Coach Dunn has a simple message for his friends in Shreveport. “

“We’ll just remind them that this is our house,” said Dunn. “We hope to establish that this is our house and it will continue to be our house.”

North Desoto opens up the season against Airline on September 1, while the Griffins’ matchup against the Falcons is slated for the regular season finale November 4 in Stonewall.