HOMER, La (KMSS/KTAL) – Homer, Louisiana. A scenic town of a little over 2,000, it’s tucked away off the interstate in Claiborne Parish. It’s also the home of a budding high school football dynasty, the Homer Pelicans.

“I always tell our boys you wanna be battle tested,” said Pelicans head coach Richie Casey, whose team has taken on 3A opponent Union Parish and 4A opponent Minden so far this season. “So when the time comes, when the games get hard, I know what we got.”

What the Pelicans have is one of the most underrated talents in the state of Louisiana: running back Elyjay Curry.

“My best qualities? Shoot, my speed, my footwork,” said Curry. “If you get in front of me, I’m gonna man handle you, for real.”

Curry isn’t kidding. While some running backs want to blow past defenders, Curry wants to run through them. The physical nature of football is a part of his very core. “If you want something, you gotta take it,” said Curry. Curry takes on any and all defenders in his path, at time adjusting said path to run through defenders.

“It gets me fired up man, I love to see it,” said Casey. “The way he finishes the run, that just lets your opponent know what kinda night it’s gonna be all night.”

The Pelicans rode Curry to a 1A title last fall. If Homer is going to repeat as state champs, Curry will continue to be at the center of the team’s success.

“One thing I know is that we can hand it off to Elyjay and we’ll be all right,” said Casey. “So when everything else is failing, I know I can give it to him and he’ll make the plays for us.”

For Elyjay Curry’s 143 rushing yards and four total touchdowns, he’s our player of the week.