CARTHAGE, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – Carthage head football coach Scott Surratt is one state championship away from setting the record of 10 state championships in Texas High School Football. In 2023 he leans on his son Jett to lead the Bulldogs to another title.

“What Jett brings to us is toughness, nobody is going to question his toughness,” said the Carthage head coach.

Just a sophomore Jett Surratt brings a level of leadership you don’t normally see in an under-classman. When asked about the Bulldogs success on offense he gives the credit to everyone else. 

“I have great weapons on the outside and we can run the ball really well, we have great running backs with KD and KJ and my line protects unbelievably for me,” said the younger Surratt. “The only time I get hit is usually my fault.”

Winning 9 state titles as a head coach, Scott Surratt has coached plenty of talent at the quarterback position, but none of them have been this advanced as a sophomore.

“We’ve done more motions, shifts and formations than we ever have and that’s because he can handle it,” said the elder Surratt.

“We do so many different things with our offense, we can do anything with anybody,” said Jett. “We have a bunch of different motions, formations, shifts everything.”

Playing for your father brings extra challenges to the game and it brings a little pressure, but it can also be rewarding. 

“I’ve always been on the sidelines watching him call the plays and now I’m on the field watching him call the plays,” said the Carthage quarterback. “It’s definitely a lot different, I think there’s more pressure because of how much we’ve won.”

It’s been really fun, but it’s been stressful. It adds a little stress when your son is under center,” said the Bulldog’s head coach. “We like that pressure and I always tell him pressure is opportunity and you’re at a place that has a lot of pressure.” 

That pressure makes it tough for Surratt to take off that coaching hat, but when asked to assess Jett from a dad’s perspective. 

“I’m super proud just to be his dad. I’m the lucky one he’s just a great kid. As far as his play it’s been great but he’s never made a B,” said Scott Surratt. “He’s extremely smart, makes really good decisions on and off the field and that’s what I’m more proud of, watching him mature as a young man and he’s just a special young man.  I’m glad he’s mine.”