TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) — The Arkansas High Razorbacks are ready to build off of last years’ experience for 2023.

Two years ago, head coach Trey Outlaw took over the Razorback’s program, and last season they were forced to look at the sophomore class to take leadership of the team going forward.

Arkansas High is coming off of a 4-6 season, and the players have high hopes for this year. The Razorbacks only lost three seniors, so their roster is full of returning players who have been able to develop chemistry over the last few years.

“Lots of growth, lots of experience coming back we are really excited about the future that holds for Arkansas Razorback football, they’re stronger, they’re faster, they’re tougher, they know what to expect when Friday night lights hit,” said Trey Outlaw.

Senior, offensive lineman, Brandon Nguyen, “Last year was kind of like a test year for our team, but this year, we’re all really confident about this season.”

“It’s actually pretty good, like they know what to do, they know the drill, they know what’s going on, those are my guys, ” added senior defensive lineman, Kence Griffin.

The Razorbacks will look to the returning players, who felt the growing pains from last season, to step up and become a strength for the team come Friday nights.

“Last year definitely made me realize much important senior leadership is to the team, so this year, the senior class for the football team is really stepping up and trying to lead the team,” said Nguyen.

“Our guys are bonding together, that was something we were really focusing on this off season when we were together. We want to become a team, we want to become a family, so hopefully that will show through on Friday nights,” described Outlaw.

The Razorbacks will open the season on Friday, August 25th at 7:14 p.m. when they play host to Watson Chapel.