SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – In today’s world of going viral, you have to constantly be aware of what you’re doing. One picture can become a meme. The right video, a gif. For this guy, all it took was an interview with us for his name to be known around the world.

“My full name De’Coldest Juan Crawford. As the bell rung when I came out I just checked my phone and there was someone with a blue check that posted me on Twitter. My phone, I just keep getting followers.”

Say it all together and it sounds like “The Coldest One,” which basically translates to being great. The uniqueness of it took off on social media, but it was a name he was meant to have.

“My mom’s first child was supposed to be De’Coldest, but she said she was going to name her last child that so I was the last child. She just knew I was going to be De’Coldest.”

“You know what I really never really thought about it but then when all this started happening I started thinking about it and it is really cool,” says Green Oaks Head Coach Terrence Isaac.

Unfortunately the internet isn’t always as friendly.

“I don’t normally just read comments. Like, I don’t worry about what they say. It’s just what I think of me,” Crawford says. “They just saying all the negativity some of them they were really good, but most people pressure me. They were like, ‘He got to score four touchdowns a game.’ Thats just pressure.”

Pressure he’s living up to. The sophomore wide receiver already has two division one offers on the table.

“De’Coldest, he’s a hard worker,” says Isaac. “Works hard. He’s going to give you everything he has. He’s always willing to learn more just a joy to have around.”

Looks like we’ll be saying Decoldest a lot on Friday night, and its safe to assume the world will now remember the name.

“I feel like I’m famous now, ’cause everyone is like, ‘Hey bro, can I get a follow back?’ Tell all my fans to keep pushing and I’m going to get to the next level.”