GRAMLBING, La (KMSS/KTAL) – During Saturday’s contest with Florida A&M, the Grambling State football team had much more to worry about than what was happening between the white lines.

“Their band just decided to infiltrate our warmup and it created a skirmish. I was able to control our players at that particular point,” said Coach Fobbs, referring to Florida A&M’s band interacting with his team as they prepared to warm up for the second half. But the tension didn’t die down from there. “There was a skirmish that happened on their sideline and a coach put their hands on one of our players and our players saw that,” said Fobbs. “It’s one of those situations where as a coach you try to hold your players back, but when it’s the last straw and you’re dealing with 18 and 22 year old young men, you discipline them, you coach them, you teach them, but there is a breaking point.”

Coach Fobbs also had an issue with the security personnel on the sidelines, stating, “They did a poor job.”
Without proper security personnel on the sidelines, unauthorized people were also interacting with the players during the game, creating a hostile environment for Grambling State players and staff. Grambling State fell to Florida A&M, 26-3.