VIVIAN, La (KMSS/KTAL) – Senior linebacker Kentrell Potter is confident heading into the 2021 season.

“I know for a fact we are going to go farther than we did last year,” said Potter.

And last year, was no slump. The Titans won their first playoff game in over 15 years. But this season, North Caddo is looking to take it a step further by getting back to the basics.

“Block recognition and holding onto the football,” said Head Coach Johnny Kavanaugh. “Making good, solid throws, pass protection. Those little things that add up and make you win or lose football games.”

“If anything that you mess up is minor, it’s going to be major in the game,” added Potter. “If I don’t do what I got to do, then that’s a whole in the defense.”

Potter is one of six returning starters on defense. On offense, three quarterbacks are up for the starting job. Whoever it is, will know exactly who they’re throwing to.

“Everybody knows about Omarion Miller, our four-star wide receiver committed to LSU last week,” said Coach Kavanaugh.

“This one summer changed my entire life, so it’s like a blessing,” said Miller. “Going to LSU has been a dream for me.”

“Just a tremendous talent and somebody that we’ll take huge advantage of this year,” added Coach Kavanaugh. “We’re going to give him the football in as many ways as we possibly can.”

Even when Omarion isn’t the target, just his presence alone still helps the team. 

“There’s only eleven guys on defense,” said Coach Kavanaugh. “So, if you assign two of them to cover Omarion Miller, well then we’re playing 10-on-9 somewhere else.”

“This year we got a lot of big playmakers,” said Miller. “I think we got the best secondary in the state, and the best wide receiver in the state.”

The Titans may have a four-star recruit, veteran players, and versatility on both sides of the ball. But, once again, it’s the little things that will make this team from Vivian special.

“You’re going to see some kids out there having fun is what I’d say you’ll see out of North Caddo football,” said Coach Kavanaugh.

North Caddo kicks off the season against Homer Sept. 3.