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Which Easton baseball bat is best?

Whether you’re a budding baseball star or a casual weekend-league player, a good baseball bat is necessary. A sturdy bat can make the difference between getting a base hit and earning an easy out.

Easton is a top manufacturer of baseball gear, offering a variety of elite-performance bats. The Easton ADV Hype BBCOR Bat 2022 (-3) is an excellent option for those who want a durable bat with a light swing weight, a big sweet spot and a stiffer feel on contact for more power.

What to know before you buy an Easton baseball bat


The right length baseball bat is crucial to determining your swing speed and mechanics. A bat that’s too long can make your swing awkward and significantly decrease your speed and power. If it’s too short, it can limit your reach and reduce your chances of making solid contact with the ball. Size charts can help you determine your size, but a good rule of thumb is that it’s a suitable length if the knob reaches your palm when it’s inverted and standing upright.

Drop weight

The right bat weight for you depends on a few key factors — primarily, skill level, physical stature and preference. A too-heavy bat might be more difficult to swing, so you won’t be able to generate the same speed you could with a more lightweight bat. However, if you feel that your bat is too light, you won’t generate the same power you could with a heavier one.

Drop weight is determined by subtracting a bat’s weight from its length. For example, a 34-inch bat weighing 28 ounces has a drop weight of -6. The greater the drop weight, the more lightweight the bat.


Most Easton bats are made with alloy or composite materials. Alloy bats are more affordable and durable, and they don’t have to be broken in. Composite bats are more expensive and require several thousand hits before they’re broken in, but they have a more prominent sweet spot and deliver reduced vibration on contact.

What to look for in a quality baseball bat


The Batter Ball Coefficient of Restitution standard is the most common requirement for adult baseball leagues. BBCOR-certified baseball bats meet the standards of wood-like performance in aluminum bats. Easton manufactures several baseball bats, but to ensure that it’s usable in your league, it’s best to look for one that’s BBCOR-approved.


Aluminum and composite bats have either a one-piece or two-piece construction. A one-piece bat is one long piece of metal and is ideal for stronger players with powerful swings. Two-piece bats have a fused handle and barrel and are suitable for players looking for increased swing speed. Two-piece bats don’t provide the same power as one-piece bats, but they offer more flex and efficient energy transfer.


Unless you have otherworldly hand-eye coordination, you’re going to want the biggest sweet spot possible that allows for a greater margin of error. Naturally, the longer a bat’s barrel, the larger its sweet spot, but don’t sacrifice barrel size for comfort. If your bat is too long, your swing might not be as effective.

How much you can expect to spend on an Easton baseball bat

You can find a solid Easton baseball bat for $100-$200, but if you want something more durable with an advanced-engineered build and feel, expect to pay up to $400.

Easton baseball bat FAQ

Do baseball bats wear out?

A. Yes. Over time and with repeated use, a baseball bat’s materials break down. Although you’ll still be able to make contact, it won’t perform at an optimal level, and quality hits will occur less frequently.

Can I use my bat in all kinds of temperatures?

A. Aluminum bats are suitable for cold and warm weather, but composite bats do not perform well in colder temperatures.

What’s the best Easton baseball bat to buy?

Top Easton baseball bat

Easton ADV Hype BBCOR Bat 2022 (-3)

Easton ADV Hype BBCOR Bat 2022 (-3)

What you need to know: This high-end bat has a light swing weight, a large barrel and a prominent sweet spot for optimal power at the plate.

What you’ll love: This bat uses Thermo Composite Technology to help you generate more power on your swing and Connexion Max for a stiffer feel on contact and more efficient energy transfer. It has injected Nitrocell foam to reduce vibration and a Pro Stiff Carbon Handle for a more solid grip.

What you should consider: Although it delivers plenty of pop, its auditory reaction is less pronounced than other top-tier bats.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Easton baseball bat for the money

Easton Quantum BBCOR Bat 2022 (-3)

Easton Quantum BBCOR Bat 2022 (-3)

What you need to know: This lightweight bat has a one-piece construction and hits far, making it perfect for beginners.

What you’ll love: It has a sturdy alloy barrel and a forged end cap for a longer sweet spot. It provides a durable feel and features a 2.2-millimeter cushioned flex grip for superior comfort.

What you should consider: It doesn’t feel as comfortable as other bats, so it’s better suited for novice players looking to transition to BBCOR bats rather for than experienced players.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Bat 2021 (-3)

Easton B5 Pro BBCOR Bat 2021 (-3)

What you need to know: This premium alloy bat has an advanced-engineered ringless barrel design that delivers a solid combination of power and speed.

What you’ll love: It has thin alloy walls for elite barrel performance and an extra-stiff handle for optimal energy transfer. It features a handle insert and a premium grip for a comfortable feel and less vibration.

What you should consider: It’s more expensive than other bats with similar construction and specs.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods


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