Baby Brezza Formula Pro review

Parenting an infant is hard work, and the last thing you want when confronted with a screaming baby is to manually mix up a bottle. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro measures formula and mixes for you, taking the effort out of making bottles. 

Baby Brezza claims that this machine is easy to set up and makes warm formula instantly. It also states it’s accurate and hygienic and works with most formula brands. 

We wanted to test these claims, so we tried out the Baby Brezza Formula Pro in the real world. This is what we discovered.

Testing Baby Brezza Formula Pro

At BestReviews, we want to know how products really perform. We have a group of testers who try products in their home for several weeks and report back, so we can see what they’re like outside of a lab environment. For this article, our tester was the parent of a young baby. They had previously been mixing their formula manually. 

What is Baby Brezza Formula Pro?

The Formula Pro is a machine that measures and mixes baby formula. It has a hopper that you fill with powdered formula and a tank that you fill with water. You then specify how much water you need, between 2 and 10 ounces, and how much formula is required and the machine does the rest. It remembers your settings, so you don’t have to input them every time. 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro price and where to buy

The Advanced Wi-Fi version of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro that we tested costs around $300 and is available from Amazon. However, you can also buy ones without Wi-Fi starting at around $200. 

How to use Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Before you get started, you’ll need to set it up. It’s fairly time-consuming, because many parts need washing and drying before assembly. There are stickers on everything, so you’re unlikely to overlook washing any parts, but we did find this slightly overwhelming. 

Once it’s finally set up and filled with water and formula, it’s easy to use. You specify a water temperature, formula setting and how many ounces of water you need. You can do this either on the machine itself or via the app. Then you place the bottle under the spout, press “start” and the machine does the rest. 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro benefits

Saves time

We found it significantly faster to make bottles using the Formula Pro than manually. While some parents might not find this enough of a draw, if you have the type of baby who won’t stop screaming until they get their bottle, you’ll be pleased to get bottles in an instant. 

Warms quickly

It heats water quickly, so there’s no waiting around for it to come to temperature. The internal reservoir keeps water warm when you leave the machine on standby, so it can dispense warm water and make bottles of formula quickly. 

Easy to adjust the settings

It’s exceptionally simple to adjust the settings, and you can do so either in the app or on the body of the machine. There are just three settings to customize the bottle the way your baby needs it and you can save up to four to easily come back to them. 

One-touch operation

The Baby Brezza remembers the last settings you used, so if your baby has the same amount of formula every time, you need only press “start” and let the machine do its thing. However, even if you need to change up the settings, it won’t take you long. 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro drawbacks

Some measurement discrepancies

When we tried out this machine, we were concerned that its measurements were sometimes off. We tried making up a bottle manually to compare to the one the Baby Brezza made and the machine-made bottle contained more liquid, suggesting that it was either adding too much water or too much powder. 

However, from thousands of customer reviews, there seem to be few complaints of this type. Some buyers even weighed the formula and water the machine dispensed and found it accurate. So, if there are discrepancies, they appear to be small ones that shouldn’t make too much difference overall. 

Parts need regular cleaning and changing

The filter needs regular changing and the funnel needs cleaning after every four uses, although some users found they had to clean it after just two uses. It might not be a deal-breaker, but it is somewhat inconvenient.  

The app isn’t great

It took us a long time to set up the app. It had trouble recognizing our email addresses to create an account, which was quite frustrating. Based on the reviews in the App Store and Play Store, issues with the app seem fairly common, although it’s more of an issue with Android phones than iPhones. It’s enough to make us consider buying the standard version rather than the Wi-Fi version. 

Can be noisy

It’s relatively loud when it makes formula. Some parents worried about waking up older children at night while they made bottles for their babies, but it doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue. 

Should you get Baby Brezza Formula Pro?

Best Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Some people find the Baby Brezza Formula Pro an absolute lifesaver during the infant stage, while others are happy to mix up bottles themselves. Our tester was not a huge fan and felt that it wasn’t worth using over hand-mixing formula.

First off, let’s look at the brand’s claims. It’s true that it makes warm formula instantly, which is a huge deal for many parents. As for the ease of setup, we had issues with the app and getting all the parts clean was a bit of a chore, but once it’s ready to go, it’s easy to switch between settings. We haven’t come across any powdered formula brands it doesn’t work with. Its accuracy is decent, but it might not be 100%. 

With this in mind, we’d say it’s worth buying if you’re looking for a different way to make bottles.  However, with the app difficulties and multiple parts to clean frequently, it isn’t necessarily a faster way. If you’re happy with your current method, it’s not worth buying this product.

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