What makes a pool toy unique?

When warm weather arrives, most kids can’t wait to jump into the pool. While splashing around in the water is fun, it’s even more exciting when you add pool toys to the mix. There are lots of toys on the market that are made to dunk in the pool with the kids, but some have unique features and designs for next-level fun. 

From interactive games to bold inflatables, many of today’s pool tools are anything but boring. The best options for your young swimmers will be both engaging and entertaining for hours of fun in the water and sun. 

When you think of playtime in a pool, your thoughts may go to a classic beach ball or a standard pool noodle. Kids love these items, but many modern toys offer more exciting features. Some include multiple components, interactive elements and eye-catching designs that make spending time in a pool even more intriguing. While being unique can be a matter of opinion, unique pool toys stand out when compared to typical toys. What’s more, there are options available to suit kids of different ages, from toddlers to teens. 

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Types of pool toys 


Inflatables are some of the most popular pool toys. Beyond the typical raft or ball, unique varieties include both small and large pool floats. Some are large enough for several kids, while others are made for babies or toddlers learning to swim. Additionally, some pool games have inflatable components that keep them afloat during play. 


Some unique pool toys provide competitive play. Volleyball, ring toss, basketball and football themes are popular options. Many toys in this category have components for two, four, six or more players, so they are great for groups of kids or for family fun. 


Sprinkler toys shoot water from a pool into the air, which creates an exciting spray that kids love to play under. Some sprinklers are stand-alone toys, while others are attached to larger toys, such as inflatables. 

Swim and dive toys

Pool toys that encourage kids to swim and dive are ideal for active swimmers and older kids. These toys either challenge kids to swim through them or to retrieve them by diving deep into the water. Although ideal for those who love to be active in the pool, keep in mind that these toys aren’t recommended for kids who are still learning to swim. 

Safety considerations for pool toys


While swimming is a great summer hobby and kids should have a good time in the pool, safety comes first, so supervising kids while they play in a pool with their favorite toys is important. Keeping a close watch is even more important when kids are young or still learning the basics of swimming.


When choosing toys, it’s also vital to pick those that are age-appropriate. Toys that are intended for older children can be complicated for small kids to maneuver in the water or may have small pieces that could pose choking hazards. 

Monitoring longevity

Pool toys should also be checked periodically to ensure that they are in good condition and don’t have any damage or broken pieces. For example, if an inflatable toy leaks, it may deflate in the water, resulting in a child sinking with it. 


Toys should also be kept clean to avoid bacteria buildup and stored appropriately. Otherwise, kids might be enticed to play without adult supervision. After kids are done playing with pool toys, wiping them down with a bit of antibacterial soap and water will help prevent germs from multiplying and mold and mildew from forming while they are in storage. 

The best unique pool toys

SwimWays 2-in-1 Basketball and Volleyball Pool Game

SwimWays 2-in-1 Basketball and Volleyball Pool Game

Kids can play basketball and volleyball with this kit, as it has a hoop and net for easily converting to either game. It comes with all of the components needed for play, including a net, a durable base, a basketball and a volleyball. 

Sold by Walmart

Water Sports Swim-Thru Rings

Water Sports Swim-Thru Rings

Avid swimmers love a challenge, and these rings add obstacles to the water that test their skills. The set includes three rings that are easy to inflate, depth adjustable and simple to deflate for storage. 

Sold by Amazon 

Melissa and Doug Louie Lobster Claw Catcher Pool Toy

Melissa & Doug Louie Lobster Claw Catcher Pool Toy

This cute toy allows kiddos to catch the included critters with Louie’s claws. Not only can it be used in a pool, but it’s also suitable for fun in the bathtub

Sold by Amazon

Intex Inflatable Peacock

Intex Inflatable Peacock

This adorable peacock is large enough for kids to float on while relaxing in the pool. It has three air chambers that make it simple to inflate and provide stability. It also includes handles for gripping while floating or moving the inflatable from place to place. 

Sold by Amazon 

H-Style Pool Toss Games

HStyle Pool Toss Games

This toss game features an inflatable shark that doubles as a cornhole gameboard. It includes waterproof bean bags that inflate when filled with water. 

Sold by Amazon 

GoSports Pool Football Game

GoSports Pass Floating Pool Football Game

It’s possible to play football in the pool with this game that comes with four inflatable footballs and a pump. It’s ideal for groups of kids who want a challenging game to play while in the pool. 

Sold by Amazon

Haktoys Underwater Diving Torpedo Bandits

Haktoys Underwater Diving Torpedo Bandits

These toys dive to the depths of a pool, challenging young swimmers to hone their swimming and diving skills. The pack includes eight colorful torpedoes that can dive as far as 20 feet deep. 

Sold by Amazon

Laycol Baby Swimming Inflatable Float

Laycol Baby Swimming Inflatable Float

The youngest pool enthusiasts will be thrilled to hang out in the water with this dual-position float that prepares them for learning how to swim. The durable PVC material holds up well to repeated use. A canopy that protects swimmers from the sun is included. 

Sold by Amazon

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