BENTON, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — The Benton 9 and 10-year-old youth football team is getting inspiration from former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Romo sent the team’s coach a video shouting out the team.

“Surprising and unexpected because I thought Tony Romo didn’t even know we existed,” said Benton cornerback Teddy Hyde.

Hyde and his teammates were elated when the video of CBS’ lead NFL analyst was shared.

“You have great coaches, so listen to them all season. They know what they’re talking about,” Romo said in the video. “Wyatt, Lance, Cohen, throw that ball good. Coaches are going to be on you to be a good quarterback, probably a little better than me. Good luck the rest of the year. Cross, Adrian, Briggs, Collin, Riggs, Winston, Joey, Junior, Bear, Jace, Cruz, Tidas, Dallas, all you guys we’ll be following. Go get them, and how about them Cowboys.”

Benton assistant coach Harlan Hughes was the catalyst for getting the special surprise for the players at the beginning of the season.

“My cousin is really good friends with Tony Romo, and they play golf together all the time,” said Hughes. “I called him up and said, ‘Why don’t you get Tony to cut us a little promo for the football team?’ and he said he’d be glad to do it. He’s such a great guy, he’d do anything in the world you ask of him.”

After seeing the video for the first time, each kid reacted differently.

“I went absolutely bonkers, like my jaw dropped,” said lineman Briggs Fouts. “I just ran around everywhere.”

“My favorite team is the Cowboys,” said Hyde. “It’s just really inspiring.”