MARSHALL, Tx. (KTAL/KMSS) – mLife Diagnostics LLC in Marshall has developed an oral coronavirus testing kit.

When the research came out that you could detect coronavirus in oral samples we realized that this is much better than nasal swabs or blood.”

Within 30 days the product went from concept to production. Alan Loudermilk hopes it can address the nationwide shortage of COVID-19 tests.

“So we wanted to develop a kit that would be super easy to use. Workers could be tested before they go back to work by their employers.”

The east Texas company is currently testing usability

“To make sure that the specimens you get are as good as they would be if a nurse or doctor had supervised it.”

The test relies on an oral swab.

“You saturate it with saliva. The red strip will light up on the stem and you simply push it down. The saliva sample is deposited in the vial, which is sent to the labs.”

mLife Diagnostics is working with the FDA. Loudermilk says the FDA wants them to do 30 nasal swab tests and 30 of their tests with COVID positive people before the product can be fully approved.

“We’re real proud of what we’ve been able to achieve. We’re hoping to make a contribution here locally and nationally on solving the testing crisis with something that is easy to use and can help get our country back to work.”

Loudermilk says the home testing kits are 100 percent made in the United States and they’re already for sale.