JOAQUIN, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – Another East Texas city is joining Waskom in becoming a sanctuary city for the unborn.

Joaquin’s City Council voted unanimously Tuesday evening to designate the municipality a sanctuary city for the unborn, meaning no abortions will allowed inside city limits.

In June, Waskom became the first city in Texas to pass an ordinance declaring itself a “sanctuary city of the unborn.” There are no abortion services in Waskom, so supporters called it a preventive measure to make sure an abortion clinic never opens in the city.

Naples and Omaha have also followed Waskom’s lead, becoming the second and third cities in Texas to pass city ordinances outlawing abortions.

“I think they made the right decision. I support that. We have a responsibility to stand up for truth and obey God’s word,” said Robert Ortigo, Joaquin resident.

​​”Unborn  children are the most vulnerable among us and we want to make sure in this city, no unborn child is murdered in this city,” said Mark Lee Dickson, Right to Life East Texas.

Emergency contraceptives, like the Plan B Pill are also illegal throughout the city.
Right to Life East Texas says next Tuesday another city will consider banning abortions.