TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – The Texarkana Texas Police Department is warning citizens about counterfeit money circulating throughout the community.

TTPD says they want to encourage citizens to take a closer look at the cash in their wallets. Recently, a local store turned in fake $100 bills they received from customers.

“A local business had accepted in the course of their transactions. At some point later in the day they realized it wasn’t a real $100 bill and they brought it and turned it into the police department,” PIO Shawn Vaughn said.

Authorities say if someone is caught making a purchase with fake money, that person can be arrested and charged with forgery.

“You certainly run the risk of being arrested. The detectives and officers understand that sometimes you receive money and it may not be legitimate and you really have no idea how you got it,” Vaughn said.

On average, the Texarkana police receives one to two calls per week regarding counterfeit money.

“What they’re looking for is trying to figure out who are the people that are out here trying to pass it,” Vaughn said.

Officer Shawn says a bill can be verified by feeling for ridges or holding it to the light looking for images specific to that bill such as former President Andrew Jackson.