TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – A Texarkana family is taking their family’s loss and turning it into a win. A local non-profit organization “Just Love and Kindness” is hosting its inaugural golf tournament this weekend.

In November 2017, the lives of the Klein family changed forever when their son, Jarrod, was murdered in Texarkana, Arkansas.

“My wife and I said to ourselves ‘What do we do now?’ You know, ‘how do we fill this void?’ We thought we could sit on our hands in misery or let’s try to do something about it,” said Robert Klein, Vice President of Just Love and Kindness.

In honor of Jarrod, Robert and Lori Klein started a non-profit organization called “Just Love and Kindness,” named after Jarrod’s initials.

In Jarrod’s senior year of high school, he suffered a brain injury in an accident. His family said it hindered his ability to make wise choices in life. Jarrod later developed a drug addiction.

“The program that we’re trying to develop to try and get these kids on the right path before they go bad and if we’ve saved one family from what we’ve endured, we feel we’ve done our job,” said Klein.

Klein said this event is more than a golf tournament. It’s an event the whole family will enjoy. Some of the extra activities includes a petting zoo for the kids and an auction for adults.

“Even though if you’re not playing in the tournament, the auction will open at 10:00 am and again there’s so many things. You can silent bid on these things. We have a hunting trip to Argentina. We have a golf trip to the Frisco area,” said Klein.

The organization’s main purpose is to mentor young kids. The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department‘s “Pride Academy” is partnering for this event.  

“We’re really proud of it but we’re very humble of it too. Just knowing how this community has come together to help this event,” said Klein.

The tournament starts at 8:00 a.m. at the Texarkana Golf Ranch.

To learn more about the initiatives of “Just Love and Kindness” visit their Facebook page.