TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – The TexAmericas Center in Bowie County, Texas announced the acquisition of contracts and assets from Lone Star Railcar Storage company. This move will increase the size of TAC’s existing rail yard and allow them to work closely and efficiently with tenants on third-party logistics.

The purchase helps set TAC apart from other industrial parks since it now has the unique capability to own and manage rail tracks. The move is also expected to bring opportunities for growth and economic development to the Texarkana area.

“A lot of our prospects and businesses we’re dealing with right now they do have rail service needs and so this will help streamline that process in getting those businesses on our footprint,” Executive Director and CEO of TexAmericas Center Scott Norton said.

TexAmericas Center has owned the tracks since 2010 but has leased them to Lone Star Railcar Storage since that date. TexAmericas Center will now manage full operations of the rail system, allowing the organization to make improvements to the rail and classification yard while having greater control of moving products for current and future tenants.

The acquisition was finalized at the end of October and TexAmericas Center started operations on November 1st.