TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – It has been twelve years since the body of a Texarkana, Texas man was found in a lake in Miller County, Arkansas.

Currently, his family continues to search for answers in his murder. Bobby Hamilton was 31-years-old when he was last seen on May 29, 2007, at Sunset Apartments in Texarkana, Texas.

Witnesses told police he was getting into a burgundy SUV with three men – it is unclear if he was going willingly. Bobby’s mother knew something was wrong when he never came home.

“The next morning I got up to get ready for work. I told my boyfriend I said my stomach is hurting. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. He was like ‘what’s wrong, what are you talking about?’ I said something is wrong. I said watch my phone ring and it’s going to be my mama asking about my brother. Low and behold my phone rang and it was her, ” Claudett Hamilton, sister of Bobby Hamilton said.

Bobby’s car was found in First Old River lake in Miller County, Arkansas. Two days later, his body was found floating in that same river. Bobby’s family was devastated.

“Being a mother, it’s wearing hard on me because it’s not a day go by that I don’t think about this. That I don’t cry and long for my son,” Dorothy Hamilton, mother of Bobby Hamilton said.

Texarkana, Arkansas police say an autopsy revealed Hamilton had been shot. Even now, investigators say they are not sure where Hamilton was killed or exactly how he ended up in the lake.

Bobby’s older sister hopes someone will come forward with any information in the case.

“We played a lot. Me and my brother were close very close. I have another brother, an older brother. All three of us were close but with Bobby, the sky was the limit,” Claudett said.

Bobby’s mother and sister say he had recently got engaged and was expecting a child. His son is now 12-years-old. Bobby also has a daughter who’s an adult now.

“He was loveable. He wanted to make you laugh. He would do anything for you,” Dorothy said.

The family says they will not have peace of mind or closure until Bobby’s killer is brought to justice.

If you have any information in this case, please call Texarkana area crime-stoppers at 903-793-stop.