TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – A man has died after a foot pursuit with Texarkana College Police.

A news release from the school states that Thursday afternoon, TCPD officers were involved in a foot pursuit of a suspect possibly involved in prior thefts on campus. 

According to the release, when TCPD police approached Darren Corneilus Boykin, 23, of Dayton, Ohio, for questioning and proof of identification, he pushed away from officers and fled on foot.

Texarkana, Texas police said on Friday that their department assisted in Boykin’s transport to Bi State Justice Center downtown. Officer Shawn Vaughn said a unit picked up Boykin near Richmond Road and College Drive. 

“There was nothing that the officer saw or heard out there that led her to believe that the man was suffering from any kind of medical issue or anything like that. It appeared that it was strictly, he had run a significant distance in the heat of the day and, you know, how normally people would react to that.”  Vaughn added that the officer had turned the air up in the vehicle on the ride downtown. 

Vaughn went on to say, “It wasn’t until she went to get him out of the car in the basement of the Bi State, that she realized that there was a problem. She immediately removed him from the car, started CPR and started calling for help.”

Officials said Boykin was taken to Wadley Regional Medical Center and died Thursday evening at the hospital. 

TCPD reported the incident to the Texas Rangers for investigation. 

According to Texarkana College, Boykin was not a student at the school and fit the description of a person who had been identified on campus security cameras as a theft suspect for two separate incidents on TC property.  

Officials stated in a release that a TC administrator noticed Boykin, who met the description from security camera footage, entering a building on campus Thursday afternoon and notified TCPD.