BOWIE COUNTY, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – A Bowie County grand jury has indicted a woman and formally charged her with capital murder and kidnapping.

Taylor Parker is accused of murder in the death of 21-year-old Reagan Simmons Hancock. She faces a kidnapping charge for allegedly taking Hancock’s baby from her womb back in October.

If convicted of the charges, the Bowie County District Attorney’s Office says Parker could receive the death penalty.

The probable cause affidavit on the charges filed in October describe a gruesome scene discovered by Simmons’ mother when she went over to her daughter’s house on Austin Street. Simmons was found face-down in the living room, “with a large abundance of what appeared to be blood throughout the house,” not only on the floor, but on furniture, walls, appliances, and other items in the home.

Officers on the scene learned that Simmons was about 34 weeks pregnant and called for EMS to come to the scene and check on the status of the baby. When they arrived and turned Simmons’ body over, they found a very large cut across Simmon’s abdomen and there was no baby.

The affidavit also reveals that when a Texas state trooper pulled Taylor Parker over in De Kalb that same morning, she had a newborn infant in her lap.

Parker is still being held in Bowie County on $5 million bond.