BOWIE COUNTY, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – On Monday, members of the Bowie County Commissioners Court voted to approve a resolution in support of individual second amendment rights.

Officials said that amid violence, including shootings at Texas churches over the past few years, some residents are concerned about their gun rights and the availability of guns.

Precinct three Commissioner James Strain said he wants to send a message to state lawmakers about where people in Bowie County stand on the issue. “What we see, the possibilities of happening, is making it more difficult for good people to own their guns. Those that are not gonna use them properly, they’re gonna find a way to have a gun. We just want to reassure our people that our county is in support of them and keeping their second amendment right to be able to exercise safety of their home, safety of their churches, their school, their children, grandchildren and themselves,” he said.

Dozens of counties across Texas have recently passed similar resolutions in support of second amendment rights.