TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS)- City leaders of Texarkana, Texas honored the artist responsible for the paintings on the wall of Kress Gap on Wednesday morning.

The artist were gifted with a $500 check for their hard work, time and expenses.

According to City official, Lisa Thompson, the mural project has been in the works for the last eighteen months.

“This place is a good way to rebrand a place that was a problem before but we’ve taken it an turned it into something nice,” said Thompson.

Artists like Molly Kendrick and Rachel Freeman took seven days to complete their projects. Which shows a butterfly with plants from Texas and flowers from Arkansas.

“We both lost someone really close to us and that was kind of the significance of the butterfly, like change and rebirth,” said Kendrick.

The newest mural revealed painted by artist Jes Weiner along with the help of community members says “Love Thy Neighbor”.


“It’s a very intentional piece for the city,” said Weiner.

She adds the current spotlight on racial injustice and prayer motivated her. She says the painting is more than a message, its a movement.

“Because love endures all things and hopes all things and it doesn’t fail when we act in love. Every day even when it’s hard,” said Weiner.

The mural called “Shine Bright” painted by Weiner in 2019 was inspired by the authenticity of her best friend, Kayla King.

“I just that I want to empower and bolster my friends who look different from me and uhm, that was my inspiration,” said Weiner.