NEW BOSTON, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – An annual racial profiling report required by the state of Texas shows the majority of people stopped by deputies in Bowie County last year were white and male.

Under a 2001 law prohibiting racial profiling, Texas law enforcement agencies are required to track data including gender and race, and whether race was known prior to the stop. Agencies must also report the reason for each stop, and search, along with a description of any contraband discovered during the stop, the result of the stop, the reason for arrest, the location, and whether physical force was used.

According to the 2019 racial profiling report approved Monday for submission to the state by the Bowie County Commissioner’s Court, which includes both traffic and pedestrian, a total of 1,339 citizens were stopped in the area last year.

914 of them, or 68% of them, were white. 867 of them, or 65%, were male.

25% of the total stops reported by Bowie County for 2019 involved African Americans, with 342. Hispanics and Latinos combined totaled 56. The report also shows ten stops involved Asians and one stop involved an Alaska Native.

“We want to make sure that nobody is sought out or mistreated because of their race or ethnicity,” said James Prince.

BCSO says 95 percent of the time, they do not know the race before stopping a car. They say no racial profiling complaints were made in 2019.