UVALDE, Texas (KXAN) — The Uvalde mayor said a recent report released on the Robb Elementary shooting “does not give a complete and accurate account of what happened.”

Earlier this week, the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center (ALERRT) of San Marcos released its initial report on the May 24 mass shooting, which details the events leading up to when the 18-year-old gunman was killed.

The report stated an armed officer saw the gunman outside the school, and they asked their supervisor for permission to shoot the suspect. However, the supervisor either did not hear or responded too late. When the officer turned back to the shooter, he had already entered the building.

In a statement, Mayor Don McLaughlin refuted this, saying no officer saw the shooter before he entered the building.

“No Uvalde police department officer saw the shooter on May 24 prior to him entering the school. No Uvalde police officers had any opportunity to take a shot at the gunman. A Uvalde Police Department officer saw someone outside, but was unsure of who he saw and observed children in the area as well. Ultimately, it was a coach with children on the playground, not the shooter,” McLaughlin said in part, in his statement.

McLaughlin also claimed Texas Department of Public Safety troopers were at the door of the school about three minutes after the gunman entered the building, and that there were “dozens” of troopers on site by the time the classroom where the gunman was located was breached. The ALERRT report stated a DPS special agent arrived on scene about 20 minutes after the gunman entered the building.

KXAN has reached out to ALERRT for comment on McLaughlin’s statement. We will update this story when a response is received.

The mayor called the ALERRT report a “premature release of piecemeal information” on the shooting and said this is “a disservice” to families impacted by the tragedy. McLaughlin stated information should only come out once the investigations and reviews about the shooting response are finished.

When all investigations are complete, the city will look into releasing city records, according to McLaughlin.

Texas DPS asked ALERRT shortly after the attack to review the response to the Uvalde shooting. The organization was established in 2002 to provide active attack response training to first responders. The ALERRT research team not only evaluates the efficacy of response tactics but also has a long, established history of evaluating the outcomes of active shooter events to inform training.

ALERRT has only released the first part of its review of the Uvalde shooting, which focuses on the first phase of active shooter response (stop the killing). The next report the group will release will address the second phase (stop the dying) and take a closer look at the command at the scene.