HARRISON COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – An off-duty Harrison County investigator was attacked at his home on Tuesday night resulting in a physical altercation, according to officials.

Dispatch was notified of the incident and when they responded to the scene, they found Jerry Guilliams, 43, of Marshall, handcuffed by the investigator after their altercation.

Officials said that an investigation found that Guilliams allegedly walked onto the investigator’s property and demanded to speak to him by name. Guilliams began making verbal threats and became belligerent, according to police.

The investigator said that he instructed Guilliams to leave the property multiple times, and after he refused the investigator attempted to detain the man, who officials say then began assaulting the investigator.

The investigator said to have had multiple law enforcement interactions with the suspect, all of which were nonviolent.

“This individual didn’t show up at this investigator’s home with his family present, for who he is as a person, but what he represents,” Harrison County Sheriff BJ Fletcher said. “This is an example of the continued sacrifices peace officers and their families make every day.”

Police said they are still investigating what provoked Guilliams to target the investigator, and that he has been arrested for offenses such as:

  • criminal trespass
  • assault on a public servant
  • obstruction or retaliation