LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Suffering from a massive heart attack in 2020, Brian Harper said he needs a heart transplant and has been denied assistance from programs created to help people like him.

Retired U.S. Army and U.S. Navy veteran Brian Harper said since his heart attack, he has gone through rehab and has had to wear a life vest containing a defibrillator. He said although those measures have been taken, he still needs a new heart.

“I’m now being seen at Houston Methodist for a heart transplant. The problem with that is I can’t get the transplant unless I have a caregiver,” he said.

Harper said his last chance to live is to find a caregiver to help him after the procedure.

“Since I’m 100 percent independent on my own I can’t get one,” he said.

Harper said because he does not have immediate family members or friends who could help out, he has to hire help. He said his elderly father and 11-year-old son would not be able to care for him.

“I have no immediate family that can help out,” Harper said. “So, I have to either raise the money or somehow find a suitable program through Medicaid Medicare the VA, Tri Care to provide one which right now their programs don’t provide anything over 58 hours a week.”

Needing 24/7 care after the procedure, harper says he does not qualify to get the assistance from those programs.

He said his last resort to get help is to create a GoFundMe and pray he is able to reach his goal. Harper said if he is not able to get the transplant he needs, he hopes change can come from his situation.

“If I can’t get this transplant, and I can’t get the help I need, I’m just hoping that our government will change these programs through the VA and insurance to where somebody is in the situation like I am, they can get the help. With the way things are going, I just feel that I’m going slip through the cracks so to speak,” Harper said.