SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Victims of sexual assault will have new rights and protections starting Monday under four new laws passed by the Louisiana legislature earlier this year.

Lawmakers passed four bills that will expand victims’ rights and provide victims of sexual crimes with medical examination information that they previously were not allowed to access.

When the new laws go into effect on August 1, Act 540 will allow victims of sexual assault to request a written reproduction of a physician’s forensic examination. This law only applies to adult victims of sexual assault and must be fulfilled by the healthcare provider within 14 days of the request.

Act 513 provides victims of sexual assault the option to have emergency contraceptives administered after a negative pregnancy test result.

Act 568 will provide survivors of sexual crimes, their families, persons who filed victim registration and notification forms, law enforcement agencies, and district attorneys with notification of the release of an inmate who was convicted of a crime of violence or sex offense.

Under Act 140, victims, their spouses, and other next of kin must be notified of parole hearings no less than 60 days before the hearing. The only exception to this requirement is in cases where the victim, their spouse, or other relatives advise that they don’t want to receive notification about upcoming parole opportunities for offenders.

  • Act 140 – Relative to victims receiving notification about parole hearings and victims’ rights.
  • Act 513 – Relative to victims of sexual assault and emergency contraceptives.
  • Act 540 – Makes certain medical records available to victims of sexual assault.
  • Act 568 – Provides sexual assault victims with information relative to inmate release.