LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – New data released Friday shows that the surging COVID-19 pandemic in Arkansas continues to grow fueled by the delta variant.

Records from the Arkansas Department of Health show 1,987 new cases reported in the last 24 hours, driving the total case count for the state to 372,313.

Active cases jumped by 1,005 and currently sit at 13,784. An additional six Arkansans lost their lives from the virus, bringing the state’s number to 6,041.

Serious cases of COVID-19 also continue to slam Arkansas hospitals, with 22 more patients requiring hospitalization since the prior day. Another COVID-19 patient also was put on a ventilator, moving that count to 159.

One glimmer of hope may be the highest jump seen in the past week in the number of Arkansans being fully vaccinated, an increase of 4,877 to 1,041,356. There are 4,909 more residents who are partially vaccinated as of Friday, pushing that total to 267,517.

Many are citing the expanding exposure of the delta variant as the leading cause for the spike in cases seen around the United States, including the surge in Arkansas.

There is a growing concern that this variant, which researchers are finding to have higher transmission rates, could also lead to breakthrough cases.

Breakthrough cases are those where an individual is vaccinated but still contracts COVID-19 and they now represent approximately 5% of active COVID-19 cases in Arkansas.

Just one month ago, the number of active cases in Arkansas was only 2,721 and hospitalizations had been down to 279 cases.

Looking back a year to July 23, 2020, the state was still only at 36,259 total cases, with 7,009 active cases and 480 hospitalized cases.