SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – An attempted home invasion and robbery is thwarted by a sister with a gun who’s quick reaction helped to save her brother.

It was early Sunday morning when a Shreveport homeowner said he was working on his Jeep in his garage along with his sister when two men with guns rushed up to him shouting “where’s the money?” 

“I was leaning into my Jeep and two boys came up behind me and one grabbed me by my arm and the other grabbed me by my head and went to walk me into my house and … we ended up getting into a shootout in my garage,” he said.

His Jeep has bullet holes from that shootout. His younger sister jumped into action. He did not want to share their names, but shared how they defended themselves.

“She was in the passenger seat working the radio and she saw the boy with a gun to my head and saw him walking me into the house and she just took charge from there.”

She pulled out her gun and fired on the men attacking her brother, striking 21-year-old Marcus Smith and holding him at gunpoint until police arrived. As she chased them out of her house they fired back and hit her brother.

“I looked down and I had a bullet in my chest and I pulled it out myself. I was like I see it. So I just pulled it out myself,” he said.

He was in the hospital for a day but soon went back to work along with his sister who’s a healthcare worker. He’s thankful for his sister reacting so fast.

“She saved my life!” 

The other suspect, 20-year-old Derrick Thomas was arrested Wednesday after a tip to police.

This incident happened outside a home that is in front of Summerfield Elementary School on Ardis Taylor Drive just off Mansfield Road in Shreveport.

The homeowner said he’s glad they had their guns on them, did not panic, and will not be leaving the garage door open anymore. He said they’ve started carrying their guns more since the pandemic.

Thomas faces attempted second-degree murder. He was already wanted on a separate felony. Smith faces attempted first-degree murder.