SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Community members in Shreveport are calling for a change in the new year by asking for Mayor Adrian Perkins’ resignation.

Retired Shreveport businessman Chris Chandler is representing a group that is asking Perkins to resign from his position as the city’s mayor.

Chandler says he is concerned with Mayor Perkins’ leadership of the community and his decision-making, and the last straw was when the mayor ran for senator.

“He was one year into a four-year obligation that he committed to all of the citizens of Shreveport, the white, the black, the rich, the poor the young, the old,” said Chandler.

“Every demographic he made a commitment to. One year later he broke the commitment and said I want a higher paying job. It’s just not a good decision making, on top of that the city is in under collapse way before Perkins came to the table.”

Chandler also says the city needs new leadership to stop the decline of the city. The retired businessman and his group have filed a recalled petition with the Secretary of State. They have six months to get 32,000 signatures to have the petition to go into effect.