Jori Parys: Its no secret that football is a way of life, and with that being the case high schools  are continuing to step up production of upgrading facilities to assist in the development of their student athletes.In Nashville Arkansas, the Nashville Scrappers recently finished over eight years worth of renovations towards several athletic facilities.

Doug Graham, Nashville Superintendent: We started in 2009 with a new press box and new seating on the home side. The visitors bleachers and visitors bleachers have been replaced. We finished the turf up last summer. We’re awful proud of it. Since 2009 it comes to right at $4 million dollars in upgrades. We’ve been able to make over $12 million dollars worth of upgrades and we haven’t had a tax increase to do it.

Jori Parys: That 4 million dollars only accounts for football. Renovations included the building of scrapper arena, a space that is nothing less than impressive for a school with an enrollment of around only 400 students, nevertheless the students  and community affected are extremely proud and thankful for what the facilities offer.

Mike Volarvich, Nashville Head Coach: I’ve been a bunch of different places and for them to be able to come out here it makes it enjoyable to come out and allows us to get our work done especially with the addition of the turf. You can come out here and you don’t miss a beat.

Jori Parys: Even with the number of changes already made the scrappers are not done thinking about further advances in the near future 

Doug Graham: The last two projects on our ten year plan was the bus barn. A year or 18 months from now when these projects get completed, we’ll go back to the drawing board and just start another list just trying to prioritize what needs to happen for the kids in the city of Nashville.