DESOTO PARISH, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Communicating with people comes easy for Sergeant Kevin Coleman of the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office. That’s why he is a natural fit for their role as community liaison.

“You know a lot of people look at us as evil. Villains. We’re not,” said Sgt. Coleman. “We’re normal people just like everybody else.”

Since taking on the new role last year his goal is to unite the community and the sheriff’s office through community projects and sports, especially for kids.

“When I come out and I’m coming to the game with you, I’m playing games with you, and we’re playing basketball. [They think] Oh he’s just another guy. This uniform doesn’t make you who you are,” said Sgt. Coleman. “Once they start to get to know you, they see this is just a regular person. That’s just Kevin. It’s not Sgt. Coleman anymore.”

It’s a lesson he learned as a school resource officer at Logansport High School. So much so that he served as one student’s homecoming escort twice, walking her across the field.

“The first time she was just trying to hold it together,” said Coleman. “And then the second time it was just like, ‘Oh this is Officer Coleman. It’s another day, let’s do this.”

The Shreveport native and Huntington High School grad says he brings a necessary element to his job, compassion.

“We go and visit with people at the worst times. I’m not there to be a bully. I’m really there to help you. Now if something happens where you do have to get arrested, it’s not personal,” said Coleman. “But apparently you needed something to help you change your mind.”

And he says that change is what motivates him each day.

“Hopefully to be a change. I may not change but one person’s mind, but I change somebody’s mind.”