SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – As gunshots lit up a Bossier City street in December of last year the efforts of three police officers stopped the gunfire from becoming deadly.

“He was critical. He was critical,” said Officer Russell Engi as he describes the scene he came upon the night of December 14th. “Not too much longer, he probably wouldn’t have survived.”

A 16 year-old was bleeding out after being shot in the stomach and chest. Moments later, Officers Siera Cocherell and Darron Kerry arrived.

“I just wanted him to keep talking to me so that he would stay stable,” said Officer Cocherell.

“He told us numerous times, you know, that he didn’t want to die,’ said Officer Kerry.

Thankfully Kerry had the medical supplies needed to help keep the teen alive.

“We’re police officers but sometimes I like to say we are mini EMT’s,” said Kerry. “I actually keep chest seals on my, in my uniform. So I got there and told [Engi] ‘Yeah, I’ve got two.”

“We started cutting the clothing off of him,” said Engi. “And you know, had to contort his body in the proper position to apply them.”

Chest seals are large circular adhesive bandage designed to stop blood loss. It was the first time either officer had ever used a chest seal.

While Engi and Kerry rendered medical aid, Cocherell kept the victim calm and gathered information to help catch the shooter.

“He was basically saying that he didn’t want to die. And he wanted help,” she said. “He just made different comments about stuff and I wanted him to keep talking and know that he was surrounded by people who cared.”

Once the scene was secured Bossier City firefighters came in and provided more medical aid. They took the teen to a local hospital. His life had been saved.

“If either one of the three of us wouldn’t have been there at that particular time,” said Kerry. “You know it could have went, it could have went either way.”