MILLER COUNTY, Ark. (KTAL/KMSS) – Some county offices across Arkansas are still offline after a cyber-attack on Apprentice Information Systems on November 4 took systems down, including Miller County.

County offices have to do everything manually and say the attack has caused operations to slow down tremendously.

All 55 affected Arkansas counties use the company Apprentice Information Systems for its online server.  

In Miller County, the County Treasurer, the County Clerk, and the County Judges’ offices all must have their computers wiped clean and the system reinstalled.

County Treasure Teresa Reed said this attack has caused quite a bit of chaos.

“Our computers completely shut down, you don’t know how dependent you are on technology until this happens, and you have to go back to handwriting a check, just manually writing receipts. We have to have receipt books now.”

As of now, the county does not know if any personal information was compromised.

County services are still available, just slower, and they expect computer systems should be back up and running within a few weeks.