SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Most people can relate to the horror of dropping their mobile phone and becoming the proud owner of an unsightly cracked screen that will come with a costly repair tab.

Secure Data Recovery surveyed 2,200 Americans about their mobile devices and some of the daily bumps and breaks they suffer.

Survey results reveal that 44% of Americans drop their phone at least once a week. Bathrooms pose a particular threat to phone safety, as 23% of respondents say that is where their phones frequently land when dropped.

Sadly, 31% of respondents have broken a phone and completely lost all the data saved to the device.

Texas and Oklahoma residents are more likely to replace their phones after screen damage.

Louisiana readers are likely viewing this story on a device with a cracked screen – 28% of survey respondents said their phone was cracked while taking the survey. That’s a bit higher than the national average, which is 18%.

Of female respondents, 53% say they drop their phones at least once a week versus 32% of men.

The most frequent phone mishaps:

  • cracked phone screen – 75%
  • phone dropped in the toilet – 23%
  • broken phone with a phone case – 45%

The survey also found that one in ten respondents does not use a phone case at all.