ZWOLLE, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Weyerhaeuser makes a major investment in Zwolle and other northwest Louisiana communities as it launches a new endeavor intended to revitalize the area.

Weyerhaeuser announced the launch of a new $5 million THRIVE Program to support their rural operating communities across North America. Weyerhaeuser will invest $1 million in each community over the next several years.

Zwolle, La., and other rural areas of northwest Louisiana are the first to receive the investment. The forestry manufacturing company’s new THRIVE Program aims to improve the company and its impact on its community by investing one million dollars into each selected town and meeting with community leaders.

“We really just want to support this community and build it up. I mean, at the end of the day Zwolle was selected because it’s one of our operating communities that has challenges. And we want to make sure that we were part of the solutions to those challenges and meeting those challenges. ” said Weyerhaeuser Regional Public Affairs Manager Deano Orr.

Weyerhaeuser says the THRIVE Program will work closely with local leaders and other stakeholders to tailor investments and help ensure all plans and priorities make sense at the community level.

“The whole idea of us being here is to listen to see what the issues the challenges are here, while the community as well as the rural, northwest communities surrounding, and we want to make sure that we listen and understand what the challenges are. And we want to be part of that solution. And we want to support it financially as well” said Orr.

Weyerhaeuser says they have very important and longstanding relationships with Louisiana, the company operates five manufacturing facilities, manages 1.35 million acres of timberland, and employs more than 1,000 people in Louisiana. Especially its rural areas, like Zwolle.

Weyerhaeuser wants the THRIVE Program to ensure we’re making the greatest possible difference in these communities and everywhere we operate.”

Weyerhaeuser expects to announce additional THRIVE communities next year. They say investments will be made over the next several years with input from community leaders and employees.