SHREVEPORT, La (KTAL/KMSS) – Anyone who plans to purchase a Christmas tree this holiday season can expect more trees to choose from but the tree of your choice will come with a higher price tag, according to the operator of a Shreveport Christmas tree farm.

When it comes down to the tree business, there are no shortcuts.

The increased cost of fuel, labor, and fertilizer all translate to higher costs for customers. Heath Hall, the manager of Raven’s Cliff Farms, said that the increased cost of doing business does trickle down to customers.

“There’s no machinery that does this for us. So, you can only imagine how intense labor is. Especially when we’re dealing with hundreds of acres of these Christmas trees,“ Hall said.

Tree growers have to do everything by hand.

“You know our laborers have to be paid at the end of each week. And this is a crop that doesn’t produce for ten years. So, it’s a ten-year investment for us,“ Hall said.

Prices may be higher than before; however, you will have more choices when picking out a tree this year.

Raven’s Cliff Farms trees are grown in North Carolina, which means they have to be brought to Shreveport. After cutting down the trees, there are fuel costs for the trees’ delivery.

“It’s brought to us on a semi. So again, that just trickles down, and freight was very expensive this year, and I’m sure lots of businesses noticed that,” Hall said.

If a tall tree is a must-have, expect steeper costs for taller Christmas trees as well because tree height increases growers’ overhead.