Students across the state of Arkansas are giving back to those in need and making an impact in Texarkana.More than 50 high school seniors are in Texarkana on a mission to fix up homes for those in need.
Samantha Lisowski from Rogers Arkansas says the community has welcomed them with open arms.
“It’s very rewarding to see their excitement of the entire process,” said Rogers.”Especially like our neighbor yesterday. When we were done like painting her carport and doing yard work she was speechless. She was like I’m just trying to take it all in,” said Maly Tabor, high school senior.
From yard work to playing with kids these high school seniors are doing their part to make a difference.”It’s really cool to come and just play with the kids,” said Tabor.

“They’ve been playing with me and doing stuff,” said Jabrayden Henry, eight year old. “Enjoying the fun,” said Kapri Walker, six year old.

This is all apart of the Ozark Mission Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving homes for people who can’t physically or financially do so.

“It’s just a blessing for our students to get out there and serve and be poured into by our neighbors and love on them, so it’s a great return blessing,” said Kirby Martens. Organization Director.
The organization allows students to donate their time to various communities throughout the summer.First United Methodist Church is hosting the organization.