SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The Highland neighborhood is getting a farmer’s market in the parking lot of Highland Center.

The idea came from a woman who started trading produce in her driveway.

Amy McDonald founded Broadmoor Up to address her community’s unmet needs. The non-profit organization hosts homebound meal programs, community outreach, provides school supplies, delivers groceries, holds a food drive, and animal rescue.

Now, she wishes to start a farmer’s market to build a local food network in the neighborhood.

“We need to be growing here and selling here, eating here. We don’t need to be going and buying packages of Cheetos like we need a local food system. and that’s what I’m hoping to achieve,” said McDonald, founder of Broadmoor Up.

Once McDonald’s driveway was no longer sustainable, the organization started a farmer’s market at the Drug Emporium. The location held 9-10 vendors, and now Mcdonald is excited to partner with the Highland Center for a larger space.

The executive director of the center also shared her excitement.

“Every time that we’ve had an opportunity for someone to set up and sell, you know, their biscuits or their art, our neighborhood really shows up for them. And so, I’m excited to create this new platform for vendors and growers,” said Madison Poche, Executive Director of the Highland Center.

The Highland Center shares the same values as Broadmoor Up as they support community wellness with a neighborhood library, commercial kitchen, gym, and non-profit organizations for financial support, economic development, health and wellness, and education.

The Farmer’s Market will have vendors selling fine arts, crafts, and vintage clothing. It will also have live music and crafts.

“It’s more of like a big community event. And of course, money is going to change hands and that’s awesome. Everybody loves money. I love money, but it’s more like, we’re all hanging out. You know like, everybody is a friend first. We don’t greet people as customers or like decide if they can buy what we have, it’s more like, literally, everybody is welcome,” said McDonald.

Poche adds that the Highland Center is right in the center of the neighborhood, making it perfect for the community to come out and support.

“This parking lot and building is really within a one-mile walking distance of almost our whole community. So hopefully, if people want to come out and just see what’s going on, on the last Friday of every month at 5, they can make it over if they want to,” said Poche.

The market will be on the last Friday of every month, with the first one being on October 27.

McDonald says that the market is still looking for vendors.

All she asks is that people are “festive, nice, high-quality, and ensure food safety.”