SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The Shreveport Times will no longer be delivered by carrier service.

On October 30, the newspaper will be delivered to subscribers with their regular mail.

The transition is an effort “to improve delivery consistency and optimize resources amidst ongoing labor challenges, fluctuating fuel prices, competition for workers from door-to-door delivery services and increasing digital demand,” according to the Shreveport Times in an article.

Some long-time subscribers are not pleased.

“I am paid for until December. When they send me a bill in December, I am going to cancel it,” said subscriber Shirley Langley.

Langley has been paying for the paper since 1965. She said getting the paper early in the morning gave her a reason to get up.

“We’ve got something to look at, sit here with our breakfast and read the paper and work the puzzles. And, it helps to keep your brain fresh,” said Langley.

In a statement, the Shreveport Times said, “We also encourage readers to visit us regularly on our digital platforms for breaking news, as well as access our eNewspaper, a digital replica of the newspaper.”

Some subscribers are not able to use the online feature, like Langley because she has arthritis.

“I cannot use the website. I can’t afford it, and I can’t use it anyway because of my hands. You can see my hands are not steady. So, I don’t know how many times I’m pushing a button,” said Langley.

Relying on the mail poses another concern, as some subscribers worry about inconsistencies.

“No two days does our paper come at the same time. It might be after dark, it might be middle of the afternoon, it might be 11, there’s no consistency to it,” said Shreveport Times subscriber June Wyatt.

Wyatt says she will keep the paper because her husband loves the puzzles, and he is able to access the online newspaper. However, Wyatt recognizes that not everyone has the means.

“My husband is still living so, you know it’s two of us. But with her, she just has to rely on herself, and she has some physical handicaps that she can’t necessarily do the things we can do,” said Wyatt.

Langley has until December to cancel, but she is not confident in a consistent delivery.

“Can they give me a mailman that will deliver my mail at the same time every day and in the daylight when I can go out and get my mail out of the mailbox? And can they promise me that the right paper will be in there that morning?”

Subscribers will have to wait and see on October 30.