As Star Wars fans celebrate “May the Fourth Be With You”, the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra (SSO) will get in on the fun with a “Sci-Fi Spectacular.”

It’s the music of our childhood.

“Film and television and video games for that matter, these days, are ways in which people first encounter the power of the orchestral sound,” said Michael Butterman, Music Director, Shreveport Symphony Orchestra.

SSO presents a Sci-fi Spectacular concert on Saturday, May 4th at First Baptist Shreveport.

“Music from Star Wars but also from Star Trek, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Cocoon, Back to the Future, Planet of the Apes, Battlestar Galactica, a lot of great themes that people will certainly know,” said Butterman.

He adds it’s a great concert for loyal symphony patrons and for those experiencing the orchestra for the first time.

“It’s certainly a great concert for families and younger children as well. They’ll hear music that they know. The pieces are somewhat shorter. But again it’s exciting. It’s evocative, it’s dramatic.  it’s a great concert all around.”

The concert takes place Saturday, May 4th at 7:30 p.m. at First Baptist Shreveport.

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