SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The transformation of a local restaurant gets national attention on the Food Network.

A watch party was held Thursday evening at Eddie’s Restaurant on Hollywood Avenue in Shreveport. Family and friends taking in their ‘Restaurant Impossible” episode which aired for the first time.

The restaurant underwent a complete overhaul back in March. The renovation was led by celebrity chef Robert Irvine.

The restaurant’s owner, Mavice Hughes Thigpen, says seeing how things ended up made the entire process worth it.

“When Robert showed me the finished product of the restaurant, I mean, my heart just melted. I knew my father was happy,” said Hughes Thigpen. “I knew this would be a place that I could just welcome people in.”

Eddie’s Restaurant was started by Mavice’s father decades ago. She says it was not easy to let go of control and allow Irvine and his team to change a place so dear to her heart.

“I went through so many different emotions when Robert first came to Shreveport,” said Mavice. “I know he was going to kinda let us have it about the restaurant, the food, and how the place looks. But I knew at the very end, Robert would make it right.”

She says in addition to the new look, the stuffed shrimp the restaurant is known for also got a sprucing up.

“We knew we could enhance on it and Robert showed us how to do that,” said Mavice. “How to crete different variations of the stuffed shrimp. And they are really, really selling well.