SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Casa Jimador on Line Avenue has hired a new waiter, Bella the Robot, to serve and sing to customers.

Bella the Robot talks to customers and has a personality of her own.

“She has a floor plan and knows the layout and everything… she follows the roles and everything. If we have a bunch of tables together, she’ll get irritated and say, ‘Hey! get out of the way. there’s nowhere to go’ and we’ll have to move the tables,” said Daisha Gutierrez, the second manager at Casa Jimador.

Gutierrez believes ‘Bella the Robot’ is not taking away from the team but benefits the team.

“I think it benefits to have another helping hand for the employees. A lot of times people do get too busy and she is right there to help,” said Daisha Gutierrez, the second manager at Casa Jimador.

The move towards technology is welcomed at Casa Jimador and they believe the robot will become more popular in the future.

‘Bella the Robot’ not only brings drinks but she also sings happy birthday to customers.

“It was a unique experience! It was cute and may be the wave of the future,” said a customer who received her beverage from Bella the Robot at Casa Jimador

Welcomed by all patrons, the robot waiter may be launching Shreveport into the future.